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  The Delta Group offers the first associative and automatic family tree drawing generator for SolidWorks®.

$395/seat for TreeWorks
$69/seat for TreeWorks Lite


TreeWorks develops a family tree drawing (similar to an organization chart) showing the full or limited hierarchy of a product structure. In just a few seconds a tree drawing is generated automatically from any SolidWorks assembly.  It also allows display of certain properties created in parts or assemblies. This means you can develop specific tree drawings for any discipline needed. For example, purchasing can generate a preferred vendor list and manufacturing can generate a quantitative work cell data sheet. The output variations are unlimited. The family tree node location can be manipulated with drag and drop functions to allow quick redefinition of the display. TreeWorks has a unique interface feature allowing retrieval of objects that reside in the product structure. If a user wishes to view one of the objects found in the family tree he or she simply selects that block on the tree and TreeWorks will retrieve the SolidWorks part or assembly that block represents. This eliminates accidentally viewing objects not in the final configuration and making invalid engineering decisions. Supply chain management trees can be developed in seconds. TreeWorks really lets you visualize your SolidWorks product structure in a clear and concise way.

Unique Features:

Smart Charts - Tree drawings can be generated with colors applied to nodes that are user defined by the unique Data Mapping Tool. Set a tree to show you parts that have a cost greater than $750 in red, or items beginning with XXX, etc. This unique tool makes allows users to make critical path decisions fast.

Item Master Lists - Output directly to an Excel spreadsheet the total part count needed to build any assembly.

Costed Part Roll-up - Output directly a file ready for import into an Excel spreadsheet showing total part count and cost of all parts and assemblies in a tree drawing.

Path Location - Find where a part resides on the network through the tree.

Open Objects - Open any object in the tree simply by clicking on it.

Treefile Viewer - Non SolidWorks users, such as purchasing, manufacturing, etc., can view any tree using TreeWorks or TreeWorks Lite (Available Jan 30 2000).

Use TreeWorks in conjunction with DataWorks (see below) and insure accurate property every time you create a part and thus making the trees correct.


TreeWorks allows fast easy generation of sophisticated family tree documents that are associated with the SolidWorks assembly database. Updates are immediate and simple. Output is easily customized to users' needs. Data export to MRP systems is accurate and easily configured. Quickly scan databases to find errors in naming conventions and property values.  No more tedious development of tree drawings in MacDraw or AutoCAD that are time consuming to update. Finally there is a way to make fast accurate master tree drawings in seconds. TreeWorks is a real time saver and useful tool for document management.

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         Interface: We will customize field names to your needs.

                   Click here to see a sample of DataWorks interface.

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