Standard Parts Library - Pro/ENGINEER & PT/Modeler 

The Delta Group has over 38,000 piece parts that you can put to use immediately. We can customize our current library to meet your specific needs. For instance we can apply your file names and parameters for an additional charge. All the parts conform to the Industrial Fasteners Institute standards (ANSI). We also have available NAS and MIL hardware for most applications. We also have available many thousands of parts offered by many of the standard vendors throughout the world. Using vendor numbers and parameters and values these parts represent exactly what the vendors ship.

Our entire library is available for around $25,000 but most companies would have no use for the entire library so we offer component selections in packages. Below is listing of components and prices. Note these prices are as shipped. Customization is additional. For a nominal maintenance fee we will update the libraries yearly as vendors update their catalogs and offerings.

All our library parts are developed using the current version of Pro/ENGINEER and PT/Modeler. We use careful techniques in developing these parts, such as putting the entire part on a layer and then blanking the layer. This keeps the dimensions of the nut or bolt from cluttering the assembly if accidentally picked when modifying and datum geometry is not visible either. These parts are built using the fewest number of features possible to keep regeneration times down.

* Basic Hardware Library - Consists of hex nuts, all standard machine screws, ( hex, socket head cap, pan, button, etc.) washers, lock washers, in sizes from #2 - 5/16. Price $1995

* Designer Hardware Library - Consists of the Basic Hardware Library plus KEP nuts, SEM's, nylon & rubber hardware including nuts and screws. Acorn nuts. Price $2995

* Manufacturing Hardware Library - Basic Hardware Library & Designer Hardware Library plus all types of pins - spring, dowel. Springs - compression, tension. Bearings - roller, sleeve, needle, thrust. Spur gears. Self-Tapping screws. Price $2995

* Special Purpose Fasteners - Consists of Class 3 fasteners. UNEF (extra fine thread) All of the parts in the Basic Hardware Library are here but with the attributes changed to reflect the special thread class. Price $2995

* MIL-STD & NAS Fasteners - Consists of MIL-STD & NAS fasteners. Price $3995

* Stock Drive Components - Catalog of the Stock Drive items. Priced based on order size.

* Other Vendors Available - 8020, AMP, Penn Engineering, Accurate Screw Machine, Accuride Slides, Jonathan, SKF & Fafner Bearings, Burndy, Elco and host of others. Priced based on order size.

Note prices are additive, i.e. the cost of the Manufacturing library is the Basic+ Designer + Manufacturing.

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